Thursday, 30 May 2013

A little Change

Hi Morning! I would said this is the first time I blog in the early morning. off day today. Its a replacement of public holiday for saturday. Just got my breakfast with ex colleague. uh...feel good! full of energy right now. :)

Im wondering are girls always the emotional people?. hm, I feel I am. :)
sometime I feel happy and energetic. i feel like im so good right now in own sense.
BUT sometime i did feel sad and boring life. I feel like wanna to cry just so suddenly. This is so called EMOTIONAL?

but luckily I will always feel good just for a little thing like chilling out with friends or family. I will forget the unhappy things just like that and moving forward or maybe the feeling come back to me afterward. Lolz..

A little changed in my life now. :) I would said getting busier and i feel good too. fully utilised my time for a day doing somethings meaningful rather than sitting at home after work. :)
Ok. I joined Prudential like few weeks ago. and this is the reason why I been unblog for few weeks.
Its a big step for me to make the decision to join insurance filed. As for myself, im not good in talking something useful or meaningful or with points. And I scared to involve in sales too as I knew maybe some friends will feel annoy of you or maybe scare of you IF you are too aggresive. ya? i promised Im NOT. :)  so friends, please don't. I needs you guys mentally supports too. :)

Hopefully Im can do better and make changes. Ok. I think I just stop here as Im rushing for another appointment. :) gogo fighting :)

have a good Day with Cheers! :)

new bottom from topshop :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

g8 gathering @ Lone Pine Hotel

selca :)
yes. I did it. blog for the subsequent day and I hope it will keep me going. :) This time gonna blog for the days which I have spent with my dearest g8 happened in 2012. gosh...its long time ago.

It's not considered as gathering. hm..a small reunion trip for us. but unfortunately not all of us cause some of them cannot make it. :( not going anywhere oversea but only in penang island. hotel stay and and girls pillow talk. sharing things, gossip+ing (who don't gossip especially girls? ).

we staying in Lone Pine Hotel located at penang batu ferringgi as our 2 days 1 night trip in penang island. It's really nice and cost us around RM700 per night? shocked?. kinda expensive huh?. ya. its. but we have wonderful time and enjoyed much there.

It's a beach view hotel. and guess what. I weared bikini for the very first time. It's actually my friend carmen's bikini. She have a lot. Indeed, she got a perfect body and conditions to wear bikini. :) I would said the perfect one was her. :) We were wearing bikini and walk in the beach. think about it. normally what will happen if gang of girls wearing so "sexy" with no man accompanied?.aye. few guys from korea walked after us and said wanna take a pic with us. and we said No to them. :) hahaha...

we sharing of the cosmetics and also facial products as everyone are using the different brand and make comparision which one is nice or no. :) it's really girls talk. *love that. We sharing the bath room together. How?. one taking bath while the other one doing make up and also the other one drying the hair as the bath room is superb big. Seriously, we do not feel embarrassed to each other. talk and laugh out loud as we want.

I think we should have gather oftenly. at least travel together once a year. u know. we all are slowly get "young" and for sure will turn to the other stage of life in a coming years probably. :) and that time, we might get harder to gather all as maybe no time, need to take care of kids, husband not allowed, and bla bla bla.
I really hope we can make it and ofcause need all to be participated so that things goes smooth and success, right?. :) love you guys and friendship forever.. xoxo :) 

ok. Let's the pictures speak then. :) *though we have taken lot of pictures, I'm going to share some fo them.

Im the unique one. haha :)
The red one is carmen. count from her. me, joyce and then grace. :)
busy+ing on taking pic. :)
two sexy ladies in the house. :)
we got not much photo in together as somebody must have to be the camera girl, right? :)
Friendship Forever :) BFF

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First in 2013

Recent me. peace :)
Hello! Everyone. It's been a long time I dinn't blog since last year. It mainly cause of my lousy laptop that I been used since diploma. It's almost 6 years. Serious, not kidding. I was think to get myself a new lappy. However, I spend my money on other stuff. :) It's still can be used just sometime get slow respond. Ops, I should say damn slow respond. :)

So, How's life? There are some changes in 2013. I changed to a new company. It's overall fine. friendly colleagues but tricky boss. I been scolded couple of times which I think its not my false. But, boss scolding their subordinate will always with the reason. right? I guess I offended her which I not realised at all? whatever. Anyhow, I have a nice senior to guide me on which I think I should continue and move on. so, Let's see! :)

What to blog? ya. I admin that Im not a good blogger. I blogged just to write down things about me. could say sharing? :)  I don't mind if there are no peoples to read my blog cause I blogged on my way. :)

I got my very first time to get involved in my country's election. yes. Election. I know it might not a big deal for other peoples. To be honest, I have no idea and no interested about my country political until I really get into my first time election. In the past few years, I heard a lot of the political things and I will just always listen and do not comments cause I don't know anything about that. :( peoples said we should at least know something about our country. yes, i know. but i just can't get myself into this. Even I asked myself to read newspaper and get knows of these. But, its just preserve for a while. I just can't get into my mind. Until now, I'm really knows at least basic for these. :)

The election held in 0505 this year. I would said 0505 is the darkest and dirtiest day for all the malaysian. We have an unfair election. For me, Government is everything they said are laws. There are no right or wrong. They doing things behind to won this time election. They said they deserved it. They lied to all their peoples. They treated us like kids like don't know anything they did to us. If I want to list down all of them, I guess I can't even finish it in a post. They are too many to find out. However, we are not able to UBAH this time. :( Everyone are fedup. But what we can do? Is there a second chance to re-election? Not Easy. We have did what we could and don't to loss hope to UBAH as it will happen in one day. Believe in hope. :) Sharing some pictires. And stay tuned. I promised myself to get often update in blogging. :) hopefully...
clean off the nail color just for the election. see. I'm taking serious on this. :)
Its get color type and thats why it cannot be polish away easily. I scraped it instead.

we parked far away from destination and we willing to walk so far away to reach the destination.
we blew and shouted UBAH with all others together with one purpose.
we want a clean and fair election. BERSIH!
we went to PR speech at esplanade penang. There are so many peoples shouting UBAH.
We don't know whether its good or not to change.
However, what we know is the current government is suck. we see no future on them.
Thats the reason we shout for UBAH and we do what we could to hae better future better malaysia.

we were first time to get involved in this time election. we do what we should as an malaysian.
*curious of 3 peoples with 4 fingers?. one of it was my brother in laws. :)
Everyone are posting black color picture in fb to against the dirty trick in the election played by government.
 It's one of it. and i think I gonna continue on posting black color pic as silent protest for justice.
 Peoples have no authority to talk even though. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Free Hugs

Anyone know about "free hugs"?
Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man whos sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. When his world turned upside down, he standing there in the arrivals terminal, watching other passengers meeting their waiting friends and family, with open arms and smiling faces, hugging and laughing together, He wanted someone out there to be waiting for him. To be happy to see him. To smile at him. To hug him.

A cardboard and a marker and made a sign. Hold the sign aloft with the words "Free Hugs" on both sides.
Its how it all started. "Free Hugs"

I saw it when i was in UK travel to Manchester. peoples are holding a cardboard with the word "free hugs". Hugs to the stranger and feel warm and brighten up peoples lives. yes. for me, hugs are free. hugging someone when they are in sadness, happiness or anything. It will definitely bright peoples up. its so powerful and its free. why not you hug your frens or anyone around you when they needed. To see someone who was once frowning, smile even for a moment, is worth it every time. I used to hug people when I was crying or sad. maybe not anyone would like to hug someone strange to them. just try it next time when you are down. hugging someone and it might make you feel better when you both parted and smiling to each other.

you must be wondering why I posted about free hug so suddenly?. hmm, i watched a hk drama last night. and in one of the scene, a girl told a boy that today is a world hug day. and so she hug and kiss him. and so do the boy hug and kiss her back. This remind me of the free hugs event when i was in Manchester. So i search for when is the actual date for the world free hugs. hmm, not so sure. Its just stated the first saturday of july continues until august first. hmm, thats mean this coming saturday would be the "world free hugs" day!!hehe..
I sharing this just because I feel  its so meaningful and amazing. they have to keep this event on every year in the world.

enjoy a video of the free hugs campaign. Its a real story of how the free hugs campaign get started.
The man in the video who holding a cardboard with free hugs is the one who raised this campaign -  Juan Mann. He holding the cardboard for 15 mins, people just stared right through him. The first person who stopped, tapped him on the shoulder and told him how her dog had just died that morning. How that morning had been the one year anniversary of her only daughter dying in a car accident. how what she needed now, when she felt alone in the world, was a hug. he got down on one knee, they out their arms around each other and when they parted, she was smiling. The free hugs song by sick puppies -" All the same"! 

Monday, 18 June 2012


acting pose...Lolz..
I think everyone must know about Kose. It's a japanese brand of facial product even cosmetics as well. yes. I have asked a lot of friend's opinion and suggestion, like lancome, loreal, or even channel. and end up I decided to get myself a powder foundation of Kose. guess wat?. since its a japanses brand which in turn its asian people products, so it might more suitable for asian peoples I guess. keke...tadah, my first ever collection of powder foundation. *I got no idea y i cant rotate the pic. sorry for mess ur eye! nice casing, right?.

I will start my collection of makeUp things from now on. I still got lot more to buy. 
1)powder foundation (done)
3)eye shadow

what else. hmm..let see then. hehe^^getting myself to have every month or maybe 2 months time to get one cosmetic product until i got a full set of them. I not mean must be in PRO but at least a basic makeUp things must have. guess wat?.. today one of my colleague said: "soo theng, y ur face look like so charming and white and pretty"! I was like happy to fly up high. I suddenly feel like its worth to spend on this. hahaha...I got these two cleansers. It quite nice to use. smooth and soft. for cleansing oily, its help to clean over my bb cream and also foundation powder so that no pores plunger. whereas for second 1, facial liquid wash - a little drop can have lot bubbles. just nice and save. hahaha...
cleansing oil and also liquid wash. Its recommended by the sale girl. Its seem nice to use. ^^

Monday, 11 June 2012


finally i got an internet access this week. =.= network has been down for a week ago. make me *crazy. I totally got no idea what to do if without internet access whole day night at home. That's y i went out till late night last week. hehe...

allright. slight updates for my last KL trip v boyfie and sistas. hmm, It was a great tripie and I spend my times with lot funs. It cannot be excepted that i will definitely meet up my frens while I in KL guess wat. KL could be my second home so far. So this time, I spend few hours time to meet up my ex-housemate at Ben's located in Pavilion. wow, has been a long time din step into pavilion. It changed a lot. first time walk thru the tokyo street, its nothing much, just "japanese".  

It seems like "Do re Mi fa so"?.keke
with my lovely ex-housemate ever. Love u girls. xoxo
everybody knows about 富山点心?. Yes. It's a bigger Dim Sam Restaurent in ipoh i guess. Everytime i went to there for a breakfast, Its must be super duper crowded. one thing you cna noticed that there will surely have one or maybe few bodyguard(s) beside the table. They are all waiting for the table to be finished by others. Unbelievable. The dim sam over there was kinda "soso" only. I guess it may cause to the spectacular of the building. definitely. when u reached there, u reaction will be "wowww!!"

with my beloved at "foh San Dim sam"
to be a bodyguard waiting beside the table. Lolz.
with sista. and finally we manage to fight for a table hehe.
 I love cool weather. so mostly I will have myself to genting highland for only the weather but not gambling. hehe. I feel so relax and nice while walking in genting highland. just have some coffee in starbucks, chill v frens, and it already make my day. peoples will always said :" why do you go genting highland always? Don't you feel bored?". It's NOT. just i love it.

taken with my fourth sista.
have bowling games in genting. :)
starbucks ofcoz. =)
my b. I Love U.
Since when i started falling in love with this - domo :)
Love Life. taken by my b. i love this. :)
my b and his fren ah Boon.
in the sixth floors in sungai wang. there really changed a lot.
again Love Life. I love this street. For sure we snap this while im there. =)
with my b and the "silver people" newly in genting.
Last update, I meet a primary school friend last week. Its so ridiculous. I have never meet neither contact with him at all after primary school. but, incidentally we found each other i fb. And until know after 13 years we meet again. He is still the same. cute and he is very successful in his career right now. So great to spend times v him. keep in touch.
So facebook is really a great network to have us keep in touch and ofcoz find old fren. hehe...
Traveling is always my beloved! Love travel,  Love Life.
*added a wish list to have "bagpack travel". I mean bagpack to a country at least a month. :)

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